The Global Express (Classroom Edition)


The Global Express (Classroom Edition)


Would you like a little help planning your cultural diversity themes?  The Global Express package is perfect!  Each package will include a digital copy and printed 24-page teacher’s guide based on the country you select.   

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How Many Magazines

1 Magazine, 2 Magazines, 3 Magazines, 4 Magazines, 5 Magazines, 6 Magazines, 7 Magazines, 8 Magazines, 9 Magazines, 10 Magazines, 11 Magazines, 12 Magazines, 13 Magazines, 14 Magazines, 15 Magazines, 16 Magazines, 17 Magazines, 18 Magazines, 19 Magazines, 20 Magazines, 25 Magazines

Choose Your Adventure

Africa, America's, Asia/AU, Europe


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