About the Owner

Brandy Coleman Founder, Lead Curator - My What Box

“Planning and designing curriculum make me so happy."

Brandy Coleman, the CEO of My What Box, is a committed educator with substantial curriculum development and teacher training experience.  An advocate of cultural learning in early childhood education, she believes that it is essential to creating a caring, and truly inclusive learning environment.  

Coleman grew up in Detroit, MI, her family then moved to the suburbs  and she found herself to be a true minority within the community.  The lack of representation and the discrimation she experienced helped to shape her and what she wanted to do with her life.  Brandy remembers wanting to be a teacher from a very young age.  

For the past 10 years, Coleman has been “teaching teachers” working with several child care organizations, being the owner of The Cultural Academy, and a Master Trainer in the state of Oregon.  Brandy has authored and taught several training courses on the subject of diversity in the classroom.

“Planning and designing curriculum make me so happy, classrooms are so culturally diverse, even when it seems from the outside the children are the same, through my teaching methods you begin to acknowledge and embrace all of our differences as well as similarities.” Brandy explains at an Early Childhood Education Conference for teachers.  

“Becoming a mother has made me think about diversity in a number of different ways, but more specifically the learning that my son is doing at home.  This was my inspiration for creating The Passport Box.  The Passport Box is a monthly subscription of age appropriate learning boxes that can be used in or outside of the classroom to encourage diversity and cultural appreciation. “I wanted to share easy ways to infuse cultural diversity into the homes of children all over the country,” says Coleman.