AboutMy What Box

My What Box offers a different Passport Box monthly. 

We believe that experiencing cultures around the world are essential to young learners.  Travel in any capacity helps to inspire us, educate us, ground us and gain perspective about our place in this world.  

Each Passport Box brings to life a different country and its culture through books, cultural activities, interactive crafts, language, music, and recipes.  All activities are developed by a teaching professional and cover multiple learning subjects.  

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How We Develop Our Boxes

A lot of thought, care, and love goes into the creation of every My What Box.

BOOKS books

FAMILY family

QUESTIONS questions

LEARNING learning


This is where it all begins.  We search for books that are set in different countries, feature children that highlight their customs and cultures and inspire kids to broaden their horizons. 

We work very hard to select books that are not as familiar in mainstream book stores, that use accurate people depictions, and do not play into stereotypes.  We love to find folklore from a country and highlight important public figures.  


This box gives your family the perfect excuse to take a break from electronics and make connections together.  Rather it is using the curated music playlist to have a dance party or cooking the recipe included together, we hope you find special moments with your little ones. 

While we are huge fans of taking a break from technology we also understand the place and importance of being part of the technology world.  We offer some activities and learning opportunities for your family throughout the learning magazine.  

Ask Questions That are Powerful

Next, we start developing possible questions children may have when learning about a new country.  We dive into their natural curiosities and what the books lead us to ponder.  We curate a music playlist based on popular sounds and feelings that can be heard in the music from that country.  We want to teach in a meaningful, authentic voice.  


We encourage your family to highlight the way things are done differently and similarly to your family in other countries. 

Teaching kids to value how other people think and live is of major importance for us.  We strive to give you tools to immerse your family in the country without actually traveling there.