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We believe that experiencing cultures around the world are essential to young learners.  Travel in any capacity helps to inspire us, educate us, ground us and gain perspective about our place in this world.

Each Passport Box brings to life a different country and its culture through books, cultural activities, interactive crafts, language, music, and recipes.  All activities are developed by a teaching professional and cover multiple learning subjects.  

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Subscribe to My What Box and get a new box every month!

What's In Your Box?

Project #Givethemtheworld

My What Box is partnering with parents everywhere to create Project #Givethemtheworld.

A collection of 10,000+ images that offer a more inclusive vision of what cultural learning really means.

Powered By Parents

We love to see how you are discovering new lands and cultures. Are you going on vacation to a far away land, or learning at home with the Passport Box? Tag us in your photos, so we can share and build our #givethemtheworld picture database. Both in front and behind the cameras, learning is powered by parents.

Real Diversity

We are looking to see your real authentic selves. Don't worry about staging, or editing. Add #givethemtheworld to your photos.

No Stereotypes

Stereotypes are at the root of prejudice and discriminatory behaviors. We screen all books and materials included in our boxes and eliminate anything that promotes stereotypes. We want to #givethemtheworld in the most respectful and authentic way.


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